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Pos Panorama Pro 1.0

Pos Panorama Pro is a free program to create panoramas from photographs
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Pos Panorama Pro is a free and useful application for creating panoramic pictures from several individual photographs.
The application is very complete and the user interface is very easy to use. It works just like a tutorial or wizard, guiding the user through the entire process of creating panoramas from independent photographs.

User just selects the desired related pictures for creating the panorama, handles those to suite the wanted effect by rotating any way all the images, adjust parameters and levels, etc., (s)he selects the desired panorama style (vertical or horizontal) and presses to create the panorama. The application automatically sets the picture order, locates the stitch points, and combine the images to obtain a panorama output picture.

The program automatically adjusts all the necessary parameters for overlapping the selected pictures, so the resulting panorama gets the best possible quality.

Once the panorama is made, the application allows user to perform many post-edition retouches and adjust vary many picture parameters, such as brightness and contrast, RGB levels settings, saturation and luminosity adjustments, gamma correction, etc., as well as to enhance the picture quality by using the built-in image editor. Also, the user can adjust file format properties such as compression ratio, type, number of colors, etc. The output panorama can be saved, printed or exported

The application supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF image formats.

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